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A Visit to the Coca Cola Happiness Factory

There are so many books that we read as we grow, many we forget, some stay with us and few remain etched. You want to read them again and find new and hidden meanings and lessons from them, they inspire you keeping you motivated. One such book for me is “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. This book is not just about a factory visit, but it is about dreams turning into reality, about good triumphing over evil and above all, about seeing the whole process come alive! So… when I got the opportunity to visit the Coca Cola Happiness Factory with...

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Being Different

I say designer, you think expensive. I say studio, you think arty.  What if I say designer wear clothes and jewellery can also be available at costs that don’t leave a gaping hole in your pocket. Does that make you want to read more? Sumi Paul, started a multi-designer studio and aptly named it ‘Being Different’ for precisely this reason. Making daily wear clothing designer styled, chic, and trendy.  A Masters in Bengali Literature, it was sheer 'passion for fashion,' as she says that brought her into this industry. ‘Being Different’ offers a platform to upcoming and well-established designers...

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Anupama Jain’s Friday Five – The Week That Was

Politics, politics and more politics. Gains at the electoral hustings seemed to be the only motive for any decision that was taken by the people to be. AP's bifurcation under the cloak of a national blackout, Kejri's experiments with governance in 49 days, PC's empty coffers- Parting Offers, Jayaa Amma's  Pardon Games, Indian's Overseas dismal display- were some of the issues that hogged the limelight, last week.   Birth pangs of Telangana: Telangana the 29th state in the making. Andhra Pradesh State Reorganization Bill introduced by UPA, backed by BJP, was cleared in the Lok Sabha by Voice vote amid chaotic scenes and television blackout of the proceedings. BJP pitched in support to UPA, after Narendra Modi's last minute phone call. Congress's think tank hopes for a good show in Telangana and thus hopes to romp back to power. The contentious Telangana Bill was taken up in the Rajya Sabha at 3 pm on Thursday and as the evening wore, amidst heated discussions and angry walkouts, Telangana was carved out, after PM's intervention. Innumerable voices across the nation vetoed this move. But a mother's unlimited love for her son and the hunger for power, won the day. What deals were struck between sworn political enemies like BJP and UPA, for them to come together? we would never know….. [pic source:]   The 49ers : Kejriwal pulled the plug on his...

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Being Tamil in Gurgaon

When we first set foot in Gurgaon in January 2009, little did we know that we’d come to love this city (except when having to foot bills), so much over the years. We found friends, best friends, long lost friends and distant relatives who became first family. I still remember, during one of our first visits to a local mandi, we met a maami (tamil aunty, they’re easy to spot with their pattu saree and typical tamil diamond ear stud) and my mom-in-law asked her, “Are there many Tamils in Gurgaon?” and she promptly replied, ”You’ll meet a million!”,...

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Happenings in February

GURGAONMOMS FAMILY PICNIC @ LEISURE VALLY PARK [By Mansi Verman] Doing full justice to a beautiful and crispy winter morning on February 2nd, the Gurgaonmoms community along with their families connected at yet another fun filled outing with games, yummy snacks and chit chats at the Leisure Valley Park.  Homemade sandwiches, mouth watering chaat, a delicious cake, naryal ladoo, chocolate and chips were some of the delicacies brought by our enthusiastic mommies. Also attending the event were children from the Ashish Foundation – founded in 2007, this NGO is doing phenomenal work providing help to children with special abilities and creating awareness in the community about the same. It is interactions with this section of the society that makes you feel humbled and appreciative of the little things in life.  Photos were clicked, all the little ones were busy playing on the swings, slides, merry go rounds and there was also a fun story telling by Kavita Ramkanth. There was a game of Tombola played filling the air with excitement.  One of the popular moments of the picnic was playing the game where we were divided into teams of two and handed a paper that had names of all household things. Eg names of soaps, detergents, cleaning supplies etc – a typical grocery list! Then one partner had to read out the list to his/her partner who listened carefully...

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