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Passionately Green

“Yipee!” I call out loud when I manage to pull a perfect grown mooli from my little green patch. Now that’s what I call true happiness. Indeed, enjoying a bowl of crisp lettuce for salad from the backyard or sizzling gobhi paranthas from the freshly plucked cauliflower on a Sunday morning for breakfast is simply divine. What can be more of a delicacy than to relish a few freshly spotted mangoes from the mango tree that stands in your verandah or to squeeze in a few home grown lemons for a quick nimboo pani to quench your thirst in...

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Humanize Harmonize the Green Way

A predictable pattern is emerging in the design and home fashion fads followed by today’s urban dwellers. It’s coming to seem that we are more concerned with the way our houses represent our social status to outsiders than we are with creating nurturing spaces for our families to inhabit. Instead of designing home environments that satisfy our own sense of comfort or tranquility, we seem to make choices based on how we might showcase our affluence and trendiness to the world outside our doors. Yet common wisdom tells us that investing too much of our energy in outward pursuits is not a path to peace and happiness. This desire to make our homes a presentation for the outside world is a main reason why—despite all our modern conveniences—so many of us are not at peace in our homes. Peace eludes us, as we have made ourselves unwittingly dependent upon the judgments of outsiders for our own sense of wellbeing. And though our home may be fitted with best of luxuries, it does not feel like our sanctuary. Instead, we find ourselves caught up in a rat race for having the most fashionable house. It’s time for a new paradigm of thinking and living! Instead of projecting our efforts outward, why not focus on creating living spaces that promote happiness and harmony for ourselves and our families, within? Designing and...

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Remove Water Stains from the Tiles

Gurgaon faces Hard Water problem. The hard water leaves stains on the floor tiles. Find below some handy tips shared by our members to remove the stubborn stains: Easy of Bang Mokleen Tap and Tiles Make a paste of lime and soda bi carbonate and rub on the effected area. leave it for a few minutes and rub again with some vinegar. The water stains will come off [Ecofriendly Tip] Put harpic with a lil luke warm water. scrub the glass and let it be there for 5 minutes. wash it with water. You would be amazed by the results. Harpic is good but do not forget to wear gloves as it rips your skin off But our in-house expert Geetu Arora observes that easy of bang, harpic are chemicals which will make your tile porus and they will become more prone to attract dust and hard water. The life span of ur tiles decreases too…She urges everyone to shift to ecofriendly products. [Image Courtesy: http://www.familyhandyman.com/] Member Contributions by Kanchan Gupta, Sanju Puri, Geetu Arora, Jyotsna Walia, Namrata Verma...

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Must Haves for Kid’s Room – Part 2

MUST HAVES FOR KID’S ROOM Part 2 – (5 to 10 years) [Link to Must Haves for Kid's Room – Part 1] This is my second article in the series for- MUST HAVES FOR KIDS ROOM. It briefly looks at the design elements for a kid’s room aged between 5-10 years. Children in this age are full of energy. They cheerful, energetic and enthusiastic. They are at a joyful age, where they do express their cute preferences over what they want and don’t want in their rooms. A common rule for room decor that plays in this age group too is that – they all love colourful spaces. The basic design elements remain the same (as mentioned in my last article- MHFKR- toddler to 5 years), however the creative concept around them changes. 1. BED Safety, size and style are key factors in deciding where your sweethearts relax after a day’s hard work. Durable construction should be priority while selecting the bed. Even if you don't think your child is rowdy, chances are they'll be jumping on the bed at some point, so it's best to play it safe rather than sorry. Round edges are always a plus too — any sharp edges could cause considerable injury if your child slips while playing on the bed. The size of the bed should primarily be determined based on the age and...

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Must Haves for Kids’ Room

Part 1 – (toddlers to 5 years) Every parent strives to give the best of their capability to their children. Part of this, is giving them a kind of room they have always dreamed of. No matter how young the kids are, they always have their own personal likes, dislikes and not to forget their sweet fantasies and imaginations. Giving the children their dream bedroom is something they will cherish all their life. Having an organised and separate bedroom for the kids, also contributes in making them independent and responsible for their surroundings / belongings. As a mother of two adorable kids, ( aged 10 and 5), I realised that the basic requirements of a child in his room in terms of furniture, storage etc, pretty much remain the same all through the growing years. However, the size, styling and design change significantly as our darlings move from their toddler to teenage years. In my present write up and two more to follow, I intend to cover the ‘must haves for kid’s room’. I will be sharing room design tips for following age groups- –       Toddlers to 5 years –       5 – 10 years –       Teenagers In spite of being a fun project, decorating a kid’s room can be very confusing and challenging, wherein one tries to make space for a lot of things a child always needs. To...

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Helping my daughters with their assignments and presentation for World Health Day I realized that Health is one topic which I have not addressed separately in any of my articles. I decided to use this platform and occasion to understand how our building structures and their various Vaastu faults may have an adverse effect on our health. Here, we  need to realize that a regular health check up and following a good and healthy diet plan are  the most important factors which keeps our mind and body in good shape. But, at times we notice that in spite of following a healthy lifestyle there is continuous medical issue in a family. It will be a good idea for such a family to get the Vaastu and Feng-shui of the house analysed. Small changes around the house can bring big and positive results.  East: East is a very auspicious direction and this is the direction which brings the positive energy of the Sun’s rays inside the house. This direction should be open, light and clean. Any Vaastu fault in this area will have effect on the health of the family members and especially the eldest son of the family. The element of this direction is Wood. You can activate the East of your house with greenery and water. Avoid painting this direction with colours which are in contrast to its...

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