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How to Maintain Vaginal Hygiene

We recently received a query from of one of our members on how to maintain vaginal hygiene. Yes, this is a topic that is not discussed openly or seldom talked about and mostly not discussed at all. We posted this query in our forum and got some great responses. It is imperative to take care of vaginal hygiene and here is what one needs to do as suggested by some of our moms.   VAGINAL WASH Clean the area with a vaginal wash like 'Vwash' twice a day. The bad odour is a result of increased acidity/toxins in and...

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Make-up Essential Tips for Summers

The heat is on and summers are here to stay for some time. Are you someone who loves applying makeup but dread it during the summer season? Here are some summer makeup essential tips for beautiful you that are great for your skin, even in the heat. Waterproof Makeup This is a must-have as it keeps you fresh even if you sweat in the heat. A lot of brands like Lakme, Revlon, Mac, Maybelline etc make waterproof makeup from foundations to eyeshadows and eyeliners. Sunscreens Regular exposure to the sun may damage your skin and hence it is imperative to...

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10 Tips to Maintain Feminine Hygiene

What is feminine/menstrual hygiene? It is important for all menstruating girls and women to be very careful and consistent with maintaining cleanliness and taking care of menstrual hygiene. No matter how healthy vagina is, it will still have a natural and innate smell. Ten Tips to maintain feminine hygiene Maintaining feminine hygiene can prevent bacterial infections and bad odor, itching, and discomfort. Some tips are as follows: Use feminine hygiene products for personal care (sanitary napkins, towels, tampons, menstrual cups, painkillers, and period panties) and change regularly (6 hours for pads and two to three hours for tampons). Wear loose cotton undergarments...

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Irregular periods? This letter from a mom can be helpful

Ladies, Since i saw a post on delayed periods, wanted to share how i overcame my irregular menstrual cycle and a couple of other problems. I'd come back home from office everyday, and drop down on the bed on my stomach, almost crying because of the acute upper back pain owing to bad sitting posture at work. I'd get frequent migrane attacks (i wasn't on any birth control pills), yet, just about anything was a trigger — late lunch, strong sun, stress at work, sleep deprivation, anything. And 3rd, my irregular cycles would drive me mad — bloated body,...

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Eat & Win!

You love eating, don’t you? You want to lose weight – right? You have tried everything – exercising, dieting, skipping meals, etc. etc. etc. It may have worked for some, but not you! Stress is what you found. If this is your story, I urge you to read on. You will be surprised that your love for food (eating) could help you lose weight – the stress free way! Learn how to stay healthy. Eating right at right intervals and in limited quantities is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Food is like a light switch. It turns the fat burning/ fat storage in your body ON or OFF. Fat burning starts when your body gets food; and stops when your body does not get food. Feed your body when it needs it. Skipping meals only results in fat storage and make your system behave like a scrooge – your body will start making fat reserves; resulting in rapid weight gain. Eating right will help you loose weight and give proper nourishment to your body keeping it fit, healthy and fulfilling. You should know. There is a simple science behind this. Our brain controls the release of fat burning and fat storage hormones. These hormones get released into our bloodstream and together they control our metabolism. These hormones are released after each meal and your diet can manipulate these...

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