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10 Tips to Maintain Feminine Hygiene

What is feminine/menstrual hygiene? It is important for all menstruating girls and women to be very careful and consistent with maintaining cleanliness and taking care of menstrual hygiene. No matter how healthy vagina is, it will still have a natural and innate smell. Ten Tips to maintain feminine hygiene Maintaining feminine hygiene can prevent bacterial infections and bad odor, itching, and discomfort. Some tips are as follows: Use feminine hygiene products for personal care (sanitary napkins, towels, tampons, menstrual cups, painkillers, and period panties) and change regularly (6 hours for pads and two to three hours for tampons). Wear loose cotton undergarments...

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Are Menstrual Cups the Next ‘In’ Thing?

Today is Menstrual Hygiene Day and we are glad that it is celebrated as it its aim is to raise awareness about proper menstrual hygiene and also break taboos. GurgaonMoms being a community of and for women has seen many discussions focussed around menstrual hygiene and a recent talked about menstrual cups. They are being termed as an eco-friendly option to tampons and pads. So what really are menstrual cups and how different or better are they? Let’s find out What is it? A menstrual cup is a bell-shaped cup made from good grade chemical-free silicone or latex rubber that...

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“The Organic Mantra-Is it for Real”

19th April 2017 was a day which a lot of Mom's were looking forward to as it was the monthly meeting of GurgaonMoms and the topic for the event was "The Organic Mantra-is it for Real" held at the V-Club-Sohna Road!  Firstly, I would like to thank Upasana Luthra and Neela Kaushik for inviting me to their monthly meet to gain knowledge on this hot topic called "Organic". Honestly, for me, being a mom of two kids and planning their future is not only about their studies and the lifestyle but most important is our Health. These days all of us,...

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Cool Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

The sun is at its scorching best and all you want to do is stay indoors with your air conditioner running on full blast. Well, we all know that it’s too good to be true as we need to step out of your comfort hub for all kinds of daily chores plus the electricity bill would be a great shocker if you keep the air conditioner on for the entire day.  So what else can one do to beat this heat and stay cool? Read on for some great and simple hacks to be cool this summer. Get a...

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Stress: Watch out for the Warning Signs

Stress has become a part and parcel in almost everyone’s life today . Whether it is stress related to work , home , relationships , money , kids , any kind of stress affects your body and mind . While some believe that stress is good for you as it keeps you charged and energized, however too much stress can be harmful . We all are different and have different ways to handle various situations . Some of us are able to handle a challenging situation well whereas some are not at all equipped to do the same and...

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The Organic Mantra-Is it for Real? Hosted by GurgaonMoms

Organic refers to the process of how certain foods are produced without the use of artificial chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics. In order to be termed organic, a food product must be free of any kind of artificial food additives. Vegetables, fruits, grains, meats and dairy products are the common varieties of organic food available these days. ‘Going organic’ is the new mantra and seems to be fashion. However, how many of us still have doubts regarding this? Does organic food really help? Is the organic stuff available in the market today really organic? How do we know what’s good...

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all-day Organipop – Organic Farmers’ Mar... @ Ambience Mall
Organipop – Organic Farmers’ Mar... @ Ambience Mall
Jan 20 all-day
Organipop - Organic Farmers' Market and Food @ Ambience Mall
Grainny’s Organipops make trustworthy organic food and lifestyle accessible to you. We are delighted to invite you to this weekly addition of your city’s most wholesome Organic Event, in partnership with Ambience Mall Gurgaon. Here[...]
10:30 am PlayLabs :: The Saturday Sessions @ Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi
PlayLabs :: The Saturday Sessions @ Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi
Jan 20 @ 10:30 am – 1:00 pm
PlayLabs :: The Saturday Sessions @ Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi
Play /plei/ is to fiddle or tamper with Lab /’lab/ is a place for experiments, teaching, research, learning and making We call our workshops PlayLabs because this is where we tinker around with stuff –[...]
11:00 am The Winter Pop-Up @ DLF Club5
The Winter Pop-Up @ DLF Club5
Jan 20 @ 11:00 am – Jan 21 @ 8:00 pm

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